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All Stars – Group 7

Publicado em julho 12, 2022 por

Tonight was the second-to-last night of the All Stars Group Stage with Group 7, apparently one “group of death”, came with experienced and well-known players in the competitive Clash Royale scene: Airsurfer, Coca, Pedro and King Sebas. Let’s see how each game went tonight. The first duel was between Airsurfer and Pedro. At the beginning […]

All Stars – Group 6

Publicado em julho 11, 2022 por

Betfas and CAL Dudu did the first match Tonight. Once again we saw the strong Skeleton Giant deck with Hog in the arena and Dudu with the Goblin Drill deck didn’t get enough damage to win the first match, which was 1v0 to Betfas. In the second game, the Mexican was better from beginning to […]

All Stars – Group 5

Publicado em julho 10, 2022 por

The fifth matchday for All Stars Golden Edition group stage is over and now two more players secured their places at finals. Let´s see what happened Tonight. The first duel was CAL Sub x Anthony756. Both players brought Eskeleton Giant decks for first match and Sub won by 3×0. The second match was a bit […]

All Stars – Group 4

Publicado em julho 9, 2022 por

CAL Alexei and CAL Rocket was the first match tonight and Alexei started ahead winning by 1-0 using royal hogs´s deck. The Argentine player also had an advantage in the second match, using Electro Giant, and won the duel by 2×0. Gil愛B and TRB Lucas was the second match of the night, The Brazilian player […]

All Stars – Group 3

Publicado em julho 8, 2022 por

The third matchday for All Stars Golden Edition group stage with Group 3 matches. Now, six players already secured some prizes by qualifying for the finals that will start on July 15th! The first duel of the night was between CMG Ian77 and TRB Wallace and Ian did better in the first match winning by […]

All Stars – Group 2

Publicado em julho 7, 2022 por

Tico and Rainbow was the first duel of the night and the first match was easily won by the Brazilian player who didn’t even receive any damage at his tower, easely defending the opponent’s Electric Giants with combos of Royal Recruits and Zappies and taking card´s advantage on counter attacks, winning by 1×0. On the […]

All Stars – Group 1

Publicado em julho 6, 2022 por

Tonight was the first matchday for All Stars Golden Edition group stage with Group 1 matches. Now we have defined the first two qualified players for the finals that will start on July 15th! The first duel of the night was between Hasiel and Adriel and at the first game, despite the strong Electric Giant […]

All Stars – Top 32

Publicado em julho 4, 2022 por

The last two days have ben full of battles and competition to get the Top 32 players from LATAM and NA running for the Golden Ticket for CRL. This is the list of classifieds players from this first night. The chilean player, Bulls | Zana, was invencible and won all his matches against Yahir, VrZ๖Venpers™, […]

All Stars – Swiss

Publicado em julho 2, 2022 por

We are halfway through the All Stars Golden Edition and now we have defined the two Swiss groups that will take place this Saturday and Sunday. From each group, 16 players will stays on the fight for the Golden Ticket and for the other half, it will be the end for it´s journey. Players from […]

All Stars Closed Qualifier

Publicado em julho 2, 2022 por

Last Wednesday, June 29th, the 512 players qualified from Phase 1 played a double elimination bracket on Battlefy to define the Top 64 that stays on All Stars, trying to get big prize and the Golden Ticket. Let´s check who stays in!!