All Stars – Group 8

julho 13, 2022

Bulls Zana and 19 Ardentoas did the first match of this night, the last one for Group Stage on All Stars. Due to a fault of players, they started the match earlier than allowed by the referee and therefore it was necessary to rematch this first duel. After due clarification they started and Ardentoas stood out in the control of the games, winning both by 1×0.

CMG Surg TS and xAlee did the second match of the night. The Brazilian player, as well as Ardentoas in the first game, showed a lot of game control and won the duel by 2×0.

The third duel was Bulls Zana versus SurgTS and in more balanced games, Surg got another victory, this time by 2×1, which left him very close to qualifying for the finals.
The fourth duel was 19 Ardentoas versus xAlee and it was the Argentine’s turn to demonstrate greater control of the games and win the duel by 2×0 using decks of Giant Skeleton and Mortar.

The fifth duel was Bulls Zana versus xAlee, who couldn’t win in a row, losing the duel by 2×1. Thus, Surg is already defined as one of the qualifieds players, leaving the definition of the other player for the last match.

The last duel was between Ardentoas and Surg TS. Victory of this match meant finals spot to Ardentoas, If Surg won, xAlee would have a spot. In three extremely disputed games, Ardentoas managed to turn the result around and emerged victorious by 2×1, becoming champion of his group!

We’ll be back on the 15th with the All Stars Golden Edition finals. See you soon!!