All Stars – Group 7

julho 12, 2022

Tonight was the second-to-last night of the All Stars Group Stage with Group 7, apparently one “group of death”, came with experienced and well-known players in the competitive Clash Royale scene: Airsurfer, Coca, Pedro and King Sebas. Let’s see how each game went tonight.

The first duel was between Airsurfer and Pedro. At the beginning of the game Airsurfer took advantage when Pedro used Balloon and saw it activating the king’s tower. Pedro made a lot of pressure with Lavahound and balloon and closed the match in 2×0. In the second game Airsurfer controlled the match well and took the victory. In the third game it was very balanced, but Pedro took better advantage and came out victorious, closing the duel in 2×1.

The second match was King Sebas vs Coca. Sebas took the lead, winning the first game by 1×0 and started controlling the second game with Mega Knight. With 1:10min of overtime, it seemed almost impossible for Coca, but in an excellent move with Magic Archer he managed to turn around and win the game. The third game was more better for the Brazilian, who came out victorious, closing the duel in 2×1.

The third match was between Airsurfer and King Sebas and the victory was essential for either of them to still have a chance to qualify for finals. Airsurfer played very well, put a lot of pressure on both sides with Archer Queen and Skeleton Giant and won the first game. The second game was also well controlled by Airsurfer and he won the game, closing the duel in 2×0.

The fourth match was the duel between Brazilians, Pedro and Coca. In the first game, Coca brought a Lavaloon deck and in a positioning error of Pedro’s Goblin Drill, the first tower was knocked down and the game was easy for Coca. The second game was between very similar decks, with Hog, Earthquake and Bomb Tower, however Coca came with a version with Giant Skeleton and Pedro with Valkyrie. This difference in the cycle made the difference and Pedro won the game. In the third game Coca had an advantage in the choice of deck and got the victory, winning the duel by 2×1 and getting very close to the spot in finals!

The fifth match was Airsurfer x Coca, and for the brazilian was the chance to be the champion of his group and also help his fellow countryman. Coca won the first game, with an impressive defense using Cannon at the right time to hold Airsurfer´s Royal Giant and also won the second game having much match control and closed the duel by 2×0. We have a champion!

The sixth match was Pedro x Sebas, that no longer had a chance to qualify, but a 2-0 win would give Airsurfer the qualification. Pedro depended on winning a game to qualify. Sebas won the first game 1×0 and in the second game both players came with a Lavahound deck. Sebas had an advantage using the balloon version and won the game, closing the duel in 2×0. Congratulations to Coca and Airsurfer, who go to the finals

Tomorrow we will have the matches for Group 8, our last night for Group Stage, don´t miss our lives available in English, Spanish and Portuguese: