All Stars – Group 5

julho 10, 2022

The fifth matchday for All Stars Golden Edition group stage is over and now two more players secured their places at finals. Let´s see what happened Tonight.

The first duel was CAL Sub x Anthony756. Both players brought Eskeleton Giant decks for first match and Sub won by 3×0. The second match was a bit harder, but the brazilian player won that one by 1×0.

The second duel was Wen x Prestige. In two balanced matches, Prestige won both by 1×0, closing the game in 2×0.

In the third duel we had CAL Sub and Wen. In the first game Sub brought the strong Electric Giant deck, while Wen brought his graveyard deck and Sub won by 1×0. In the second game we had a Lavahound mirror match and Sub won again by 1×0, practically guaranteeing his spot in the finals. Wen now depends on a lot of luck to qualify.

Anthony756 and Prestige was the fourth game of the night and Anthony  closed the duel by 2×1.

CAL Sub and Prestige, our fifth match, was the match that defined the first qualified and undefeated champion in their group! Sub won both games by 1×0, closing the duel in 2×0 and guaranteeing the seed advantage in the finals.

The last match of the night, Anthony756 versus Wen, it was the life-and-death game in the tournament for Anthony. The Venezuelan player depended only on his victory to secure a spot in the finals, Wen no longer had a chance to qualify, but his victory would give the spot to Prestige. In the first game, Wen surprised by winning 1×0. The second game was very nervous, Anthony with Royal Giant deck and Wen with Skeleton Giant deck with hog maintained control throughout the game and won again by 1×0, ending the duel in 2×0 and taking Anthony out of the All Stars. This was Prestige’s lucky night.

Tomorrow we will have the matches for Group 6, don´t miss our lives available in English, Spanish and Portuguese: