All Stars – Group 4

julho 9, 2022

CAL Alexei and CAL Rocket was the first match tonight and Alexei started ahead winning by 1-0 using royal hogs´s deck. The Argentine player also had an advantage in the second match, using Electro Giant, and won the duel by 2×0.

Gil愛B and TRB Lucas was the second match of the night, The Brazilian player won a disputed first game by 1×0. In the second match, the Lucas used a Lava deck and easily beat the Mexican player by 3×0, closing the match by 2×0.

The third duel was CAL Alexei x Gil愛B and the Alexei won both games by 1×0, closing the duel in 2×0, leaving Gil愛B in a dramatic situation in All Stars.

The fourth duel was CAL Rocket x TRB Lucas and Rocket didn´t have any chance against Lucas. The brazilian player used a Eskeleton Giant with hog deck on the first match and Goblin drill deck on the second, and won both by 1×0, determining Rocket’s elimination from All Stars.

The most awaited match was the fifth tonight, with the two qualified for the finals, in order to determine the champion of the group, between CAL Alexei and TRB Lucas. In the first game, Alexei brought an Electric Giant deck and Lucas did better with a Royal Giant deck and won the match by 3×0. In the second game, Alexei with a Goblin Drill deck won by 1×0 against Lucas. The third and final game was the most exciting so far for the All Stars. Alexei started better with his Giant Skeleton control deck with Mortar and Miner, being surprised at the end with Lucas’ strong offensive with Magic Archer and Tornado, but the Argentine player managed to unbalance and win the third game, being the champion of the Group 4.

The last duel was just to fulfill the game schedule, between CAL Rocket and Gil愛B and Gil愛B won by 2×1, being the third at his group.

Tomorrow we will have the matches for Group 5, don´t miss our lives available in English, Spanish and Portuguese: