All Stars – Group 3

julho 8, 2022

The third matchday for All Stars Golden Edition group stage with Group 3 matches. Now, six players already secured some prizes by qualifying for the finals that will start on July 15th!

The first duel of the night was between CMG Ian77 and TRB Wallace and Ian did better in the first match winning by 1×0. In the second match Wallace recovered and also won  by 1-0. The third match was extremely balanced in a dispute between Royal Giant and Goblin Drill, Wallace’s Royal Giant prevailed and the Brazilian closed the match in 1×0 and the duel in 2 x 1.

The second duel was TLE Damian x Kennedy Clash, and the matches between them were also very disputed and with an overall victory in 2×1 for Damian.

In the third duel, Ian and Damian closed in a 2×0 for Ian, what was a good step to his qualification for finals.

Wallace and Kennedy was the fourth game of the night and Wallace closed the duel by 2×1.

Ian and Kennedy, our fifth game, was easly won by Ian, with a 2-0 victory, guaranteeing the American first place in his group.

The last match of the night, Wallace x Damian, defined who finished the second place at group also qualified for finals. With Damian’s victory by 2×1, we had a triple tie and by the balance of sets Ian was the first of the group, followed by Wallace. Unfortunately, the 2-0 defeat to Ian was very costly for the Mexican player, who said goodbye to the All Stars.

Tonight we will have the matches for Group 4, don´t miss our lives available in English, Spanish and Portuguese: