All Stars – Group 2

julho 7, 2022

Tico and Rainbow was the first duel of the night and the first match was easily won by the Brazilian player who didn’t even receive any damage at his tower, easely defending the opponent’s Electric Giants with combos of Royal Recruits and Zappies and taking card´s advantage on counter attacks, winning by 1×0. On the second match both players were with mortar decks and again Tico came out victorious, closing the match 1×0 and 2×0 in the duel.

Mario Pro and King, did the second match of the night, both at their first game using Electric Giant and Mario won by 1×0. At second game Mario proved himself better and won by 1×0, closing their duel in 2×0.

The third duel was Tico x Mario Pro and the Mexican player did better winning first and second games by 1×0.

The fourth duel NwA Rainbow x King was very balanced but Rainbow did better, winning both games 1×0, being the second game defined in the tiebreaker!!

Tico and King did the fifth duel, and the Brazilian needed to win or there was no chance to qualify. First game was Tico 1×0 but but King did not give up and won the second game. For the third game, Tico came up with a deck of Royal Hogs and King’s Skeleton Giant was not able to hold back the attacks, finishing Tico 2v1.

At this point, everyone was excited with the the possibility that we would have three players tied in all tie-breaking criteria. NwA Rainbow lost the first game by 1×2 to Mario Pro, but won the second by 1×0. Unfortunately it seems Rainbow had a connection problem during his third game and lost do Mario, the champion of his group!

Tonight we will have the matches for Group 3, don´t miss our lives available in English, Spanish and Portuguese: