All Stars – Group 1

julho 6, 2022

Tonight was the first matchday for All Stars Golden Edition group stage with Group 1 matches. Now we have defined the first two qualified players for the finals that will start on July 15th!
The first duel of the night was between Hasiel and Adriel and at the first game, despite the strong Electric Giant deck brought by Hasiel, Adriel did better with his Graveyard deck and came out ahead on the scoreboard, winning 1×0 this match. On the second match Adriel brought a Lava deck and didn’t give the opponent a chance, finishing the game also with a 1×0.
The second duel brought the confrontation between Fram x Orochi and on his first match with a lot of pressure with Hog Rider and a Giant Skeleton being well used as defense, Fram won by 1×0. In the second game, it was Orochi’s turn to bring a Skeleton Giant deck, but it wasn’t enough to hold the Goblin Drill deck brought by Fram, who won again 1×0.
In the third duel, Hasiel and Fram had a close fight, with a 2-1 victory for Fram, also securing his classification for the finals.
Adriel and Orochi played the fourth game of the night, also in hard-fought battles in which Adriel started by losing the first match but winning the two in a row and also guaranteeing his classification.
With no qualifying chance, Hasiel and Orochi were the fifth match and Hasiel proved to be superior with his decks of 3 Musketeers and Lava, winning for 2×0.
The last match of the night defined who finished the group in first place and of course it was not going to be an easy battle. Both players showed a lot of technique and Fram did better, winning the duel by 2×1 and being the champion of his group!

Tonight we will have the matches for Group 2, don´t miss our lives available in English, Spanish and Portuguese: